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Product Range

Given the wide scope of Regus in EMEA the agreed range of products is extensive. Given the needs of Regus a split is made in 3 ranges:

1. premium level
2. mid range
3. specific products for those situations where Regus act as landlord only

The new Silver Certified Cradle to Cradle®  DESSO EcoBase® backing is available on all products and from a Regus holding perspective the preferred backing as this contributes most to Regus's sustainability objectives. Additionally an acoustic backing called DESSO SoundMaster® is available as well. SoundMaster® offers an impact sound reduction value of minimal +8 dB in addition to the standard value, thereby setting a new industry standard in carpet performance. In addition, it offers a 60% improvement in acoustical performance in comparison to our standard carpet designs. SoundMaster® is made from 100% polyester (40% recycled) and is specifically chosen for its advanced sound insulation and absorption properties.

Find below an overview of the present range:


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